11 January 2010

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, 27 December–2 January 2009.

▴ …found another reason to be on a low-carbohydrate diet: Bread is scary. —2 January (HoldTheToast Press) { , }

▴ My pictures of my birthday dinner at Ichi Umi 一海, Murray Hill, Manhattan, and “Daddy” at Vlada, Midtown/Hell’s Kitchen. —1 January {}

▴ …wonders if you can find the picture of him in this article. —1 January (Jeffrey Tastes) { , }

—1 January (The Thinking Atheist on YouTube) { }

▴ …is curious whether you say “twenty ten” or “two thousand ten.” —1 January { }

▴ Imani, the final Kwanzaa principle, comes from Arabic إيمان iman (faith), from the same root as Hebrew אמונה emuna (faith) and אמן amen. —1 January { }

▴ Happy Gregorian New Year from the vantage point of the North American Eastern Time Zone! —1 January { }

▴ The name of the Karamu feast on the sixth day of Kwanzaa comes from Arabic كرم karam (generosity), also the source of the name كريم Karim. —31 December { }

▴ The Kwanzaa principle of Nia (purpose) derives from the Arabic نية niyya (intent). Maybe Hebrew פניה peniyya and כונה kawwana are related? —30 December { }

—29 December (morn1415 on YouTube via Unreasonable Faith) { }

▴ The Kwanzaa kinara not only resembles the Ḥanukka menora {מנורה}, they have the same Semitic root as Hebrew נר nēr (lamp), Arabic نور nûr (light). —29 December { }

▴ …is yet another atheist who appreciates minarets {منائر‎}. —29 December (Friendly Atheist) { , }

▴ I was recently talking to a friend about the “rock’n’roll en español” to which I used to listen in the 1990s. “Ay Tenochtitlán” is a good example. —28 December (seguridadsocialrock on YouTube) { }

▴ …bought half-price Christmas chocolate at Walgreen’s on his weekly carbohydrate day. —28 December { }

▴ The Kwanzaa principles of Ujima (collective work) and Ujamaa (cooperative economics) both come from Arabic جمع jamaʻa (gather together). —28 December { }

▴ The seven principles of Kwanzaa are “nguzo saba” in Swahili, from Arabic سبعة sabʻa (seven), the same root as Hebrew שבעה šibʻâ (seven). —27 December { }

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