06 February 2010

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, 10–30 January 2010.

▴ …reminds all to eat fruit and plant trees because sundown begins Ṭû bi-Šəbāṭ {ט״ו בשבט}, the Jewish “new year of the trees.” —29 January (yaacovmaoz on YouTube) { , }

▴ My pictures of Filipino cuisine at Tito Rad’s Grill, Sunnyside, and Japanese cuisine at East 21, Elmhurst. —29 January { }

▴ My photos of Ambassador Program at 美而特青岛人家 M & T Restaurant, Flushing, মল্লিকা ভিডিও Mollika Video, Jackson Heights. —28 January { }

▴ …saw a tote bag on the subway with this “I YOU” graphic on it. He loves New York. —26 January (David & Goliath Tees) { , }

▴ …had his sunglasses blown from atop his head into the gutter by this morning’s fierce wind, but it also facilitated a neighborly chat. —25 January { }

—24 January (MikeDiamondTube on YouTube) {}

▴ My pictures of Jackson Heights Food Group at Louie’s Pizzeria, Shangri-La Express, Elmhurst, and Lety’s Bakery, JH. —22 January {, , }

▴ Automatically calling criticism of the Israeli government “anti-Semitism” obscures and promotes true anti-Semitism. —21 January (The Alternative Information Center via MuzzleWatch) { , }

—21 January (cha cha cha ! on YouTube) {}

▴ …admits he sometimes wonders if there is a mackerel in the fishnet. —21 January { }

▴ A 2200-year-old temple dedicated to the goddess Bastet {𓎯-𓏏-𓁐} has been found in Alexandria {الإسكندرية 𓂋:𓏤:𓂝-𓀨-𓏏::𓊖}, Egypt. —20 January (The Guardian via Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt on Facebook) { , }

—20 January (Rubaru on YouTube) {}

▴ “Jiggling jellyfish! [HQ]” —20 January {}

▴ …warns you of profanity and ethnic stereotype, but this gay, Jewish friend of a friend released a good parody song. —19 January (Creation Nation on YouTube via dannyho on Twitter) { , }

▴ …commemorates the Azerbaijani victims of Qara Yanvar (Black January) 1990, as well as the Armenian victims of the preceding pogroms {погромы, פּאָגראָמען}. ‎—19 January { }

—19 January (cdbpdx on YouTube) { }

▴ …is briefly mentioned (not by name, but as “my friend”) in this article and can be seen in the accompanying picture. —18 January (Queens Tribune Online) { , }

▴ My pictures of Michael {מיכאל}’s birthday, “The Metro” at the Pyramid Club, Stay and Urge Lounge, Lower East Side/East Village, then Barracuda etc., Chelsea. —17 January {}

▴ …now understands it was a maternity clinic, not a bordello. —17 January { }

⌂ A good article about gay Jackson Heights mentioned many friends of mine, but paid too much attention to politicians. —16 January (The New York Times) { , }

▴ …thought the Whitman’s® Sampler® was good, but perhaps not as good as the Ladybug Creamsicle®. —16 January { }

▴ More of my pictures of winter in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. —15 January {}

—14 January (The Library of Chicago Radio and Children’s TV on YouTube via Broadcasting Ourselves ;)) { }

▴ …has no comment. —13 January (Totally Looks Like…) { }

—13 January (Tales of Mere Existence on YouTube) {}

▴ My pictures of “Evil Ritual Gathering of the Temple Cult,” 金豐大酒楼 Jing Fong Restaurant and 杏福西餐餅店 Hon Café, Chinatown, then New York Bear Den at the Diversity Center of Queens, Alliance Building, followed by dinner at Taquería Coatzingo, Jackson Heights. —12 January {}

▴ …has pared his pictures from Sunday down to the best 145, and is uploading them as we speak (or actually, as he types). —12 January { }

▴ …is really in need of a trip to Shangri-La right about now. —12 January { }

▴ More of my pictures of winter in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Woodside. —11 January {}

▴ …is excited about the digitization of the Cairo Geniza {גניזת קהיר}, found in the Ben ʻEzra Synagogue {בית הכנסת בן עזרא} he visited in Old Cairo {مصر القديمة}. ‎—10 January (History Compass Exchanges via Languagehat) { , }

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