25 January 2015

💭 🐠🐟 It can be relaxing and peaceful to watch fish in an aquarium and tell them your secrets. Don’t worry: Fish won’t give away any of your secrets. Well, except for the sole. I suspect it may be a gossip or blabbermouth. You know the old expression: “Don’t tell a sole.”

09 January 2015

🍴🐟 At the restaurant, I ordered a spicy rohu dish and the server called the fish by its Bengali name, rui (রুই). Then I encountered a neighbor in the market who described my faux fur hat as “Muscovite.”

Tree over the ḥalal cart

My current cover photo/header photo on the social networking sites.

Tree over the ḥalal cart, 37th Avenue and 74th Street, Jackson Heights, 27 January 2013. (Photograph by Elyaqim Mosheh Adam.)

IMG_1675.jpg, taken with iPhone 4. See the rest of my photos in the album January 2013.
🌡✉🍴 I have convinced myself I have the mettle and personal responsibility to go out now in the middle of the night (01:15) in the extreme coldness (18°F) to do an important task (mailing my maintenance payment) but I acknowledge that’s only if I get some food in the process. Let’s see if I can get some real food at a nearby 24‐hour restaurant rather than indulge in discount leftover Christmas sweets at the drug store (if they’re even still available).