03 November 2001

Visit to Morocco [‎المغرب], October–November

Wednesday, 10 October, Marrakech [‎مراكش]: (Simkhat Torah [‎שׂמחת תורה].) Salah [‎صلاح] and Khaled [‎خالد] by me at home; Cinéma ar-Rif.

Thursday, 11 October, Marrakech: shopping: Marjane, Wrédé, Internet Bab Agnaou, Snack Sahara; Simo and Youssef [‎يوسف].

Friday, 12 October, Marrakech: Lune d’Or, Youssef and Simo; talking with Samir [‎سمير] and Saîd [‎سعيد]; home with Saîd.

Saturday, 13 October, Marrakech: Eating at home with Saîd; Artisinal with Polly; bought satellite receiver; home early.

Sunday, 14 October, Marrakech: returned video receiver; tea on a terrace with man in the souk [‎سوق]; ate at Comedie on Hassane II.

Monday, 15 October, Marrakech, Ourika Valley, Sti Fatma: with Ahmed [‎أحمد].

Tuesday, 16 October, Marrakech: Royal Air Maroc; Agdal Garden; bought a videocassette recorder; henna [‎حناء]; Marjane; ate at home.

Wednesday, 17 October, Marrakech: bought a cable in Canaria; Snack Sahara; N’zaha [نزهة] with Polly and Samir.

Thursday, 18 October, Marrakech: (Ro’sh Hodesh.) Samir a guest at home; thief Djalal; Djemaa al-Fna [‎جامع الفناء], Mourad Berber, Saîd #2; N’zaha with Samir.

Friday, 19 October, Marrakech: Home and bus station with Samir; N’zaha; returned trousers to tailor.

Saturday, 20 October, Rabat [‎رباط]: with Samir.

Sunday, 21 October, Casablanca, Marrakech: Casa with Samir; slept without bed linen.

Monday, 22 October, Marrakech: Samir returned videcassette recorder; Marjane with Polly; ate at home; Djemaa al-Fna, N’zaha; “Pia Zagora.”

Tuesday, 23 October, Marrakech: Cybernet Bab Agnaou, wrote lyrics; ate at #12 Djemaa al-Fna with Polly; money from Samir in N’zaha.

Wednesday, 24 October, Marrakech: Polly’s bad night (morning), Mohammed V, Âbdelgani’s brother etc.

Thursday, 25 October, Marrakech, Jedida [جديدة]: bus to Jedida at night.

Friday, 26 October, Jedida, Essaouira: bus to Essaouira at night.

Saturday, 27 October, Essaouira, Marrakech: bus to Marrakech, Djemaa al-Fna, N’zaha, Khaled’s proposition; “Usama Bin Laden” getofn [‎געטאָפֿן].

Sunday, 28 October, Marrakech: Hôtel Âli buffet; Djemaa al-Fna “garden” with Khaled #1, Zacaria, Azize [‎عزيز], Ahmed, Samir and Âbdelnabi.

Monday, 29 October, Marrakech: Home with Samir and Âbdelnabi; şilşl; ate by #12; bought soda in N’zaha.

Tuesday, 30 October, Marrakech: party, Âbdelnabi and Âbdelsadek; Djemaa al-Fna, Lune d’Or, visited #12.

Wednesday, 31 October, Marrakech: (Halloween.) Âzize and Âbdelrahim [‎عبد الرحيم] by us at home; Âbdelrahim; Royal Air Maroc, Charleston, fight in souk; met Greg; N’zaha with Samir and the two Âbdouls.

Thursday, 1 November, Marrakech: another party with Samir and the two Âbdouls; #12 (Belhaj) a longer time; more henna; a shorter time in N’zaha; Nourdine [‎نور الدين].