27 March 2015

16–22 March 2015 microblogging

Microblog posts of mine that only made it to Twitter and not to Google or Tumblr.

I felt sorry for the ḥalal truck guy because he looked so cold. I wanted to cuddle with him to keep him warm. 🌡 😈 —16 Mar.

The crazy song mash‐up in my head: “Sweet, Fast Hooker Blues,” “Rock This Town” and “Polythene Pam.” 🎵 —16 Mar.

The @KeyFood “Louisiana style” hot sauce I get from Global Supermarket is quite bland; my food sooner tastes too vinegary than pungent. 🌶 —16 Mar.

Each day for breakfast, I have a makeshift nargesi: scrambled egg, spinach, mushroom, garlic powder, black pepper and hot sauce. 🍳 𓆇 🍄 —16 Mar.

No one phoned me all day. Within five minutes of my stepping into the shower, the phone rang. 🚿 ⚞☎ 😣 —16 Mar.

Thinking to mix tuna salad with a garden salad. —16 Mar.

I had to convince and push myself to begin my daily constitutional today but returned with a spring in my step, bounding up the stairs. 🚶→🙋 —16 Mar.

❝ “Building your dream has to start now. / There’s no other road to take.” —⁠John Farrar, “Magic,” 1980. 🖊 —18 Mar.

🌬 34°F, wind 13 m.p.h., feels like 25°. So much for my “daily” constitutional. Novruz and the equinox are on their way. Right? 🚷 —18 Mar.

Rubbing elbows with important persons after the film festival. —19 Mar.

Every discussion group participant (other than the facilitators) is here with me! —20 Mar.

Having keys duplicated. —21 Mar.

21 March 2015

📽 Of the shorts I’ve viewed in the Queens World Film Festival this year , a surprisingly common theme is haircutting . Barrio Boy , The Dum Dum Capital of the World and The Way You Love all had extended haircutting scenes during which a character’s thoughts are revealed . ✂💇

16 March 2015

💤 I dreamed I was having a big celebratory meal at an Asian restaurant with many friends present and showing off a sexy new boyfriend seated next to me whom I’d invited as my date. Unfortunately, he got up to go to the washroom and never returned. I even checked in the two washrooms and couldn’t find him. I was so embarrassed that I ate alone at a largish table in an entirely different part of the restaurant, although I was later joined by other customers and, eventually, friends of mine from the party. At least the food was good (and it was only a dream). 😞

11 March 2015

Rain was pouring last week and the ponding on the sidewalks was so bad that it was sometimes impossible for me to span some of the lakes. A reasonable person might assume it was due to a combination of the rain and of the higher temperatures’ melting the snow and ice already on the ground, but I know it was really due to Israel’s opening up a dam in order to terrorize the people of my neighborhood.