02 July 2009

Anti-Trans/Anti-Gay Assault in Jackson Heights.

MY POST on my own Facebook wall: Elyaqim was horrified to learn today of a trans-woman beaten in a bias attack a few blocks from his home. When we are still being bludgeoned in the streets, the top issues of the gay movement’s self-appointed leaders (e.g., marriage, children, military) seem less relevant. —1 July, 22:31 (SFBG, Fb.|FF)

The assault on Leslie Mora occurred 19 June in front of 72-11 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, about three blocks from my building. As is my style, I present a bibliography below of the first articles about it I encountered online. As is also my style, I took it as an opportunity to rail against the highest-profile bourgeois gay organizations that might feel this brutal incident should take a back seat to the Gay Marriage Machine which seeks to ensure that same-sex partners will get benefits at the racquet club.

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(And don’t forget to read the article to which I originally linked: Tommi Avicolli Mecca, “The Price of Normal,” San Francisco Bay Guardian Online, 24 June 2009.)

Photo: Laura Vogel.

A version of this article is reproduced at webcitation.org/5kYwAk57c.