01 February 2010

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, 3–9 January 2009.

▴ A cute video about a Palestinian drag queen I had the pleasure to meet on a number of occasions. —9 January (WNYC Radio on YouTube via Lady Bunny Blog) { , }

▴ …is a little concerned about becoming purpuric or ecchymotic from being poked so much. Ouch. —7 January {}

▴ More of my pictures of winter in Jackson Heights, plus the GY-NY/GLYNY mini-reunion at Manatus, Greenwich Village {and Chelsea Gallery, Chelsea}. —7 January { }

▴ An illustrated primer on Indian and Pakistani snacks and sweets available—where else?—in Jackson Heights. —7 January (Edible Queens) { , }

▴ A good article about gay South Asians in New York City (with a misconception about the age of NYU’s Queer Union). —7 January (Gay City News) { , }

—6 January (F-Bod Studios on YouTube) { }

▴ …wishes a merry Christmas to all his Armenian Apostolic friends. Friends associated with other Eastern and Orthodox churches will have to wait till tomorrow. —6 January { }

▴ More of my pictures of winter in Jackson Heights. —4 January { }

▴ More of my pictures of winter in western Queens, including the morning after (Catholic and Protestant) Christmas at Terraza 7 Train Café, Elmhurst. —3 January { }

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