01 January 2010

Google Voice automated transcript fun.

Photo: Elyaqim Mosheh Adam.Words do not always come easily.
Roosevelt Avenue at 63rd Street, Woodside, 8 December 2008.

Google Voice provides transcription of voice-mail messages, but not always accurately. Here are some of the better errors I received.

“He went and got into a story.”
Actually “I’m heading back into Astoria….” —7 November message from M.J.M.

“This is Tom. After about. Oh calling.”
Actually “This is Tom Approbato calling.” —8 November message from T.A.

“Hey, my kid plan.”
Actually “Hey, Moyşe. It’s Glenn.” —24 November message from G.D.

“…I should be on that by surprise course….”
Actually “I should be going there by subway, of course…”
“…I’ll just pick it gravitates.”
Actually “…I’ll just take a grab at it.” —28 November message by A.C.

“…I’m actually writing 7 my home station.”
Actually “I’m actually right in front of the Murray Hill station….” —20 December message from S.S.

“…[S]ort of Tuesday.”
Actually “All right, I’ll see you soon.” —21 December message from A.G.V.

“…[R]ecapped now. …I can look for you sitting down off the the The that.”
Actually “We’re in a cab now. … I will look for you sitting down, or I’ll ask at the desk.” —21 December message from A.G.V.

“You know I wanna rewind I can’t get you when….”
Actually “You know I worry when I can’t get you in….” —28 December message from my mother.

“I’m interested in room 2….”
Actually “…and the rest of the group too.” —29 December message from B.P.

“…I am missing you. Happy New Year and help you when it’s slow and hobbies.”
Actually “…I am wishing you a happy new year and a healthy one as well. Okay?”
“…[W]henever i know why can’t do it on my Sammy and please take a hope to talk to you on the president and next year, depending on my cell.”
Actually “…I’m doing it right now while I can to all my family and friends. Okay? So you take care. Hope to see you and the rest of the gang next year depending on my schedule.” —31 December message from E.B.


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