14 November 2002

Third week in Morocco, Friday, 8–Thursday, 14 November

Friday, 8 November, Marrakech:

Saturday, 9 November, Marrakech: Kebir café was crowded; Âbdelkerim (Baguira) visited; dinner at Mbarek; wandered with Polly.

Sunday, 10 November, Marrakech: drinks at Âbdelmajid with Polly and Samir while Mohammed wrote a letter; Ghadouan visited; dinner at Chez Mohammed and many people said hello; more drinks at Âbdelmajid; Polly left for France.

Monday, 11 November, Marrakech: Internet Iris; Kebir: Hafida wore lovely coat; dinner at Chez Mohammed, Hassane wore two hats; drinks at Belhaj.

Tuesday, 12 November, Marrakech: Internet Iris with Mohammed from Âbdelmajid and Âdel from Meslouhi; long walk with Saïd who used to live in Connecticut: mellah, kasba, royal palace etc.; dinner at Meslouhi.

Wednesday, 13 November, Marrakech: drinks at Belhaj and N’zaha with Samir; Internet Iris with Âdel from Meslouhi; deaf Djemal visited; walked downtown with Saïd; dinner at Belhaj.

Thursday, 14 November, Marrakech: another walk with Saïd through medina to Bab Doucala and café thereabouts; Djemaâ al-Fna; mugged and camera stolen on Moulaï Hassane Street near Daurade du Sud restaurant; various police stations; outrageous storm; take-away dinner from Bella Pizza, dessert at Green Ice, both in the Milennium Complexe.

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