07 November 2002

Second week in Morocco, Friday, 1–Thursday, 7 November

Friday, 1 November, Marrakech: Met the two Youssefs at N’zaha; Polly ordered table at Mr. Fouad’s store; dinner at Belhaj, Rachid temporarily fired; bumped into Hicham in lovely new park; more food at Mbarek.

Saturday, 2 November, Marrakech: sat in park in front of the Koutoubia; Salman Khan movie at Kebir café, Âdel flirted with me; moved to Résidence d’Atlas in one petit taxi; dinner at Mbarek with southern Lebanese men.

Sunday, 3 November, Marrakech: Kebir café with Hafida and Naïma; dinner with Polly at Islane.

Monday, 4 November, Marrakech: Belhaj, my apartment, Diamant Noir with Samir; Kebir café: Kuch kuch hota hai, Egyptian film, more henna from Hafida, cigarette seller’s daughter had yoğurt on her face; again returned telephone to Samir in Guéliz; take-away lunch from Chickenland; Marjane with Polly; drinks at #42 Djemaâ al-Fna restaurant, Belhaj and Mbarek.

Tuesday, 5 November, Marrakech: (First night of Ramadan.) N’zaha with Samir and Âbdoula; watched Mbarek close; dinner party which never happened; bought compact discs at Kebir; Djemaâ al-Fna, including #42; saw younger Youssef.

Wednesday, 6 November, Marrakech: (First day of Ramadan.) Kebir café, Salman Khan movie; visiting various restaurants at Djemaâ al-Fna; plastic bags from cassette man Âbdelrahim.

Thursday, 7 November, Marrakech: Kebir café with Polly, Dilvale dulhaniya le jayenge.

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