22 November 2002

Fourth and last week in Morocco, Friday, 15–Friday, 22 November

Friday, 15 November, Marrakech: Green Ice, continued; more rain; take-away dinner from Restaurant le Port.

Saturday, 16 November, Marrakech: Samir visited; dinner at N’zaha with Youssef.

Sunday, 17 November, Marrakech: N’zaha with Youssef, Simo, goofy-looking Mohammed; Polly returned; dinner with Polly at Djemaâ al-Fna, biggest tajine in the world; wandered in concentric circles; blue turban day at Belhaj.

Monday, 18 November, Marrakech: Djemaâ al-Fna, continued; walked down street near Cusabine Mosque; drinks at N’zaha; watched billiard game in Kebir café; dinner at Belhaj with Lankan woman; saw Nouredine; Cybernet Bab Agnaou.

Tuesday, 19 November, Marrakech: Djemaâ al-Fna, continued; drinks with Polly and Hafida at Moustafa’s restaurant.

Wednesday, 20 November, Marrakech:

Thursday, 21 November, Marrakech:

Friday, 22 November, Marrakech, Casablanca, London, New York City:

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