23 September 2015

Equinox stroll

For no other reason than because the equinox was nigh, I took a stroll around a four‐block radius from my apartment building early this morning. I didn’t expect many persons to be out and sure enough the streets seemed to have even less human activity than usual, especially 37th Road. (Noteworthy was a very large, drooping sash or scarf of unknown significance tied between two poles on 37th Road near the corner of 73rd Street, and I wondered if it were somehow related to ʻIdu‐l‐Aḍḥa/Qurban Bayramı.) There was nothing to see and nothing to do at that hour on a weekday, certainly nothing related in any way to the equinox, so I soon went home, but I was glad to be out breathing the night air and having some interaction, however minimal, with neighbors.

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