17 March 2019


THE HIPPOPOTAMUS.—One of the largest and most formidable animals known to natural history is the Hippopotamus or River Horse. Its short clumsy legs bear a body of great bulk and a tough hide, and its head is one of the most peculiar and repulsive possessed by any animal; the neck is short and very thick. The expression of ferocity in its face is a true index to its character. The native home of the Hippopotamus is in the large rivers of the northern part of central Africa. (Hippopotamus amphibius.)”

Illustration by Friedrich Specht, engraved by Carl Gottlob Specht (from mark), for Brehm’s Life of Animals: A Complete Natural History for Popular Home Instruction and for the Use of Schools, vol. 1, Mammalia, by Dr. Alfred Edmund Brehm, 1895. Digitized by the Internet Archive from the collection of the American Museum of Natural History. (In the public domain.) <https://www.archive.org/details/brehmslifeofanim00breh/page/551>


“Hippopotamus,” illustration by Friedrich Specht for Illustrated Natural History (Animals and Birds): Arranged for Young Readers, by Rev. J. G. Wood, 1899, as reprinted in Children’s Own Library, vol. 10, Miscellaneous Tales, ed. by J. Ellis Burdick, 1910. Digitized by the Internet Archive from the collection of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (In the public domain.) <https://www.archive.org/details/childrensownlibr10burd/page/108>

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