25 August 2015

Sciatica ideographs

These are the ideographs (three emoji characters and an Egyptian hieroglyph) that I used in my sciatica post, arranged like a comic strip to be read from left to right and lightheartedly portraying how my walking was affected by sciatic pain.

💥 COLLISION SYMBOL (here representing the sudden onset of pain)
𓀗 EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH A019 (“bent man with cane,” “be infirm; old …”)

Graphic by Elyaqim Mosheh Adam.
• The glyphs for the first three characters (🚶, 💥, 😧) are from the Twitter Emoji set, developed by Twitter with the Iconfactory, under a Creative Commons license.
• The glyph for the final character (𓀗) is from the open‐source Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs font, commissioned by Google, under the Apache License.

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