18 September 2012

Past Heads of Years

Just in time for sundown and thus the end of the holiday, here is a list of my past Roʼsh hash‐Shana–themed micro‐content which I compiled on my hard disc and thought worthy of sharing. Because Google eliminated their micro‐blogging service Jaiku, this list had to be cobbled from various sources. Some of the accompanying links lead to holiday videos.

5769 (2008), preserved nowhere but on Facebook as far as I know

  • שנה טובה!‏ 🔗‏ ‎—29 Sept. (Facebook)
  • …wishes all a כתיבה וחתימה טובה. May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year. —29 Sept. (Facebook)

5770 (2009), published on Jaiku, preserved on FriendFeed

  • …awaits the Jewish New Year by listening to a Yiddish cover version of a popular Hebrew song about the coming year. 🔗 —17 Sept. (FriendFeed)
  • …feels if you do not have access to a shofar (ram’s horn) you should improvise. Happy New Year. 🔗 —17 Sept. (FriendFeed)
  • …now awaits the Jewish New Year by listening to a Turkish cover version of the same popular Hebrew song about the coming year. 🔗 —18 Sept. (FriendFeed)

5771 (2010), published on Jaiku, preserved on Google Buzz

  • …wishes all a sweet new year, but tonight will not be eating the traditional foods depicted in the video. 🔗 —8 Sept. (Buzz)
  • ☼ At my location, sunset will be 19:16. Sometimes, waiting for sunset for a holiday to begin can be a drag. 🔗 —8 Sept. (Buzz)
  • ‏✡ לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו.‏ 🔗‏ ‎—8 Sept. (Buzz)
  • …is celebrating the Jewish new year by listening to a Sefaraddi‐Israeli Gipsy Kings knockoff band. 🔗 —9 Sept. (Buzz)

5772 (2011), published on Google+

  • …thinks it perfectly appropriate to celebrate the Jewish new year with a cover version of “Gold Digger.” 🎶⚞✡ 🔗 —27 Sept. (Google+)
  • 📺 ‏„שנה טובה.”‏ An appearance by the late Ofra Haza on the children’s television series Parpar Neḥmad. (🍎🍯) ♬ 🔗 —28 Sept. (Google+)
  • 🎵 What could be more exotic than the Zulu song “Mbube” (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) adapted with a Hebrew lyric? 🔗 —28 Sept. (Google+)
  • 🎉 A happy, healthy and sweet year 5772 to all! לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו. שנה טובה ומתוקה.‏ Roş Haşana Bayramı kutlu olsun. 🍎🍯 🔗 —29 Sept. (Google+)

5773 (2012), published on Google+

  • ♫ It’s too theistic for me at parts, but the Ein Prat Fountainheads did release a really cute music video for Roʼsh hash‐Shana (ראש השנה) last year. 🍎🍯 📹 🔗 —16 Sept. (Google+)
  • 😞 I always think to have traditional foods after the holiday has begun, so I doubt I’ll find lekex (לעקעך)/​revani/​basbusa (بسبوسة) in my area. 🔗 —17 Sept. (Google+)

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