24 August 2012

Putting nearly all my photographs online

Summer sunflowers on 72nd Street between 35th and 37th avenues, Jackson Heights, 18 August 2008. (Photograph by Elyaqim Mosheh Adam.)


I have fallen so far behind in uploading my photographs and videos online that I have decided to work at least an hour every day “processing” them for upload, typically in batches of twenty‐five at a time. I write captions for them, remove a few failures, cursorily “enhance” them in iPhoto, set their approximate geographical locations, upload them to both Facebook and Google+ and then promote them (on those sites as well as on Twitter, Tumblr, FriendFeed and Pinterest.) If it sounds time-consuming, it is.

I am over a year behind in uploading photographs of events I attended with others and nearly two years behind in uploading photographs I shot while alone. (Originally, I had separated them into those categories and have wound up locked in that pattern.) Considering the number of pictures I shoot (sometimes hundreds in a day) combined with how much I procrastinate, it has taken me many months just to upload the hundreds of pictures I shot in June 2011 alone and I am still not quite finished yet.

My work schedule is as follows: I work on pictures of events I have attended with others. After completing work on all the pictures I shot in one day’s worth of events, I move on to a batch of older pictures I shot while alone. When finished with that, I move back to an event I attended with others. Wednesday, however, I work on videos, and Thursday, I work on the Great Digitization Project, my attempt to digitize and upload the tremendous backlog of photographs and video I shot before purchasing my first digital still camera in 2004.

This past Wednesday, I uploaded videos to Google+ that had been languishing on my hard disc since I recorded them in April 2010! Other than rotating some of them ninety degrees if necessary, they are the original separate video files as recorded. The next step is to combine videos shot the same day and then additionally upload them to YouTube where I can enhance them.

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