01 June 2011

March 2011 micro‐content, part I

📷 See my pictures of the Queens Pride House January community potluck at the Diversity Center of Queens, Jackson Heights. http://on.fb.me/gtzHcz —1 March

[Video favorite.] Little Chicken Shake .mov —1 March (FF, Fb) My online discovery of the night is Jackson Heights’ own Katha Cato of the Department of Positive Commentary (DPC). In this video, she makes an absolutely ghastly dish vegetarians might want to avert their eyes from viewing. In a sense, it’s a variation of the chicken split idea my friends and I came up with many years ago. Fun for the whole family!

📷 See my pictures of the Rockbear January “Underbear” party at Rockbar, Greenwich Village. http://on.fb.me/gtzHcz —2 March

📷 See my pictures of Thai dinner at Spicy Shallot, then “Jaime’s Peter Pan birthday party” at Music Box/Caja Musical, Elmhurst; then Friend’s Tavern, Jackson Heights; then la Abundancia Bakery, Elmhurst. http://on.fb.me/feSsg8 —3–7 March I shop and eat in Little India so frequently the merchants know me and give me special prices. One of these days, I’ll figure out if those prices are lower or higher than what normal customers pay.

• Pakistan’s Minister of Minorities is dead in a “campaign to slaughter every liberal, progressive and humanist voice”! http://goo.gl/KJSto —3 March (Jk, Bz, FF, Fb, FF, FF, MS)

“[T]his be will {sic} remembered as the time…the American people decided to come together [and] confront the plutocracy….” http://goo.gl/M4zcq —4 March (Jk, Bz, FF, Fb, FF, FF, MS)

…is frustrated that the St. Pat’s for All parade and the “Globally Queer” block at the Queens World Film Festival conflict with one another. —6 March (Jk, Bz, FF, Fb, MS)

[Video favorite.] ‘America Is NOT Broke’: Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI — March 5, 2011 —6 March (FF, Fb) A poignant lesson in economics from Michael Moore that is very easy to understand. Liberals and progressives give us facts while conservatives give us lies and then threats with guns if we don’t believe their lies. Thanks to Leyb Mendl for posting.

[Video favorite.] YouTube Transcribe Audio Fail —7 March (FF, Fb) Some of my friends already noticed it and brought it up on my wall, but my being a linguistics geek got me mention in one of gunnarolla’s videos (beginning at 2:17). Basically, when Google’s automatic transcription of the audio track in one of his earlier videos was unable to make heads or tails of his Canadian English, I accused them of being anti‐Canadian.

📷 See my pictures of Thai lunch from Rumphool in Woodside. http://on.fb.me/hAqNdP —8 March

📷 See my pictures of Richard Shpuntoff’s screening of Julio of Jackson Heights as a work in progress at the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights. http://on.fb.me/hAqNdP —8 March

…found this funny video a few days ago but wonders if it’s appropriate to post on International Women’s Day. http://youtu.be/tJRzBpFjJS8 👩 —8 March (Jk, Bz, FF, Fb, FF, FF, MS)

📷 See my pictures of New York Bear Den at the Diversity Center of Queens, Jackson Heights. http://on.fb.me/hAqNdP —8 March

◬◬◬ Where can I get ozne Haman אזני המן‎ (i.e., Homen taşn המן־טאַשן) in or near Jackson Heights? ◬◬◬ —9 March (Jk, Bz, FF, Fb) ▴ If they’re still there. You’re just making me more frustrated, as well as more hungry. ▴ I’m afraid my worst fears will be confirmed.

📷 See my pictures of my visit to Florida, including lunch at the Ram’s Horn and a visit to Publix, Hudson; dinner at Central City Pizza, New Port Richey; dessert from Walgreens, Hudson. http://on.fb.me/hAqNdP —9 March

[Video favorite.] Teresa Graves & Carol Channing “Soul Sisters” Laugh‐In —11 March (Bz, FF, Fb) This video was shot before Carol Channing came out of the closet as black.

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