25 March 2010

Nasty and Nice in Jackson Heights.

Two examples of heterosexism.

In addition to the recent disgusting anti-gay electioneering of Hiram Monserrate, including his appeals to local religious communities with the knowledge religious people tend to be at least as intolerant and hateful as he is, here are two examples found on the Internet of heterosexism in Jackson Heights, one of which is admittedly related to Monserrate’s failed campaign.

• Gay Jackson Heights resident David Maddux described an altercation with a Monserrate worker at local eatery Espresso 77, 35-57 77th Street:

While sitting outside in the glorious sun, a person with a fistful of Monserrate flyers approached us and offered one. We declined, saying, “Never!” and “He’s a bigot!” I don’t understand Spanish well, but know enough to comprehend when a mouthful of gay slurs is levied at me. There was no mistaking her vehemence. And her hatred. First time that’s happened in decades. (David Maddux, “Re: Special Election to replace Monserrate,” post on Jackson Heights Life, 16 March 2010.)

• And a micro-’blogger published this bit of hatred presumably after visiting the neighborhood: “Deres a lot of transvestites in jackson heights its disgustin.” (Anthony García, MrR0ttenApple micro-’blog, 8 March 2010.)

Polyglot Chhaya.

Speaking of 77th Street, local community development corporation Chhaya, 37-43 77th Street, has a sign with their name written in five scripts:

  • chhaya
  • ছায়া
  • छाया
  • چھایا
  • ਛਾਯਾ
The definition of the word, according to my dictionaries:
  • ছায়া n. shadow; image; shade. [Bengali]
  • छाया (nf) shade; shadow; … [Hindi]
  • ‎چھایا chhayá, H. n. f. Darkness; shade. [Urdu]
See the picture of it that accompanies the article Seema Agnani, “Bringing Basements to Code,” Urban Omnibus, 10 March 2010.

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