12 December 2009

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, 2–12 December 2009.

▴ …is again drawn to thinking about oil on this holiday, but in a different context than usual. —12 December (Tigrzeye516 on YouTube, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …wishes all an oily Ḥanukkâ. חג חנכה שׂמח!‏ ‎—11 December (yogev cohen on YouTube, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

☠ Another anti-gay assault in Jackson Heights. —10 December (New York Post, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ My pictures of New York Bear Den at the Diversity Center and อรุณี Arunee Thai Cuisine, Jackson Heights, 6 Dec. 2009. —9 December (Facebook, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …is considering taking this health advice. —9 December (English Whirled Wide on Facebook, Facebook)

▴ My pictures of the Roosevelt Avenue Taco Cart Crawl in Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Corona. —8 December (Facebook, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …had forgotten how both economical and good a meal at a diner can be: main dish, salad, soda, potato, vegetable and dessert for ten dollars. —8 December (Facebook, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …didn’t go out dancing tonight because he was still a bit sick, but the pneumonia‐like rales disappeared in time to make him wish he had. —5 December (Facebook, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …thinks linguistics and affected queenliness are a good combination. —5 December (--- M I S T E R D U N CAN---- IN ENGLAND ---- 2009 --- on YouTube, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …appreciates the camaraderie of opponents of religious fanaticism. (Thanks to Andrés.) —4 December (Yale Daily News, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …found a photograph of his used without credit (i.e., stolen) in an article about Jackson Heights. —4 December (কিছু বলার নাই, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ …appears in some pictures in this article about the Roosevelt Avenue Taco Crawl. —3 December (Interactive Journalism, Facebook|FriendFeed, Jaiku|FriendFeed)

▴ My pictures of my friend’s birthday celebration at Kiku () Sushi, 235 Ninth Avenue, Chelsea, 23 November 2009. —2 December (Facebook)

▴ …had an innocuous mooning photograph (with a bare posterior) removed by Facebook. As he has commonly seen much more revealing and erotic pictures on Facebook, he suspects some “friend” reported it. —2 December (Facebook)

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