11 October 2009

Hodgepodge, 2009 October 11.

• Are senior citizens too old to refer to themselves as “questioning” their sexuality? [JATGAB]

• Macintosh OS X font and keyboard layout for Malayalam. [MM via MM]

• The Yiddish word זעמל zeml (“roll”) is apparently of Semitic origin, as are the English words simnel and semolina, all being cognates with the Aramaic סמידא səmîdâ (presumably *ܣܡܝܕܐ in Syriac script) and Akkadian samidu. [ב״ל via ב״ל via LH]

• Tuesday, 29 September, I ate the lunch buffet at Mehfil (महफ़िल محفل) (site, Y + Wp.) where I saw some of Masterji and an episode of Jugni chali Jalandhar (site, Wp., Fb.), both very silly.

• “I didn’t ask for Poland Spring! I don’t drink Poland Spring!” My articulate friend and former co-worker Laverne Cox on Maurice Runea: The Show. [RC on V, via OLCB]

• This photograph of the Jackson Heights Food Group was taken back in January by our server at Delhi Heights with my camera and posted online by me. (See Facebook.) Months later, the picture wound up on John’s Queens, NY, Blog incorrectly credited to the group founder, Jeff Orlick. Sorry, wrong Jew. (See also JT, JT and JHL.)

A version of this article is reproduced at webcitation.org/5kVeJ4Yn9.

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  1. you deserve full credit for that photo. I'm trying to rectify the situation. Thanks for your service to the group.


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