06 June 2009

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, 11–17 May 2009.

Compiled below are my writings on my own Facebook wall 11–17 May 2009, as well as anything else that might be construed as an example of micro-blogging.

▴ Elyaqim is a Brokeback “Mountain Jew.” —11 May, 03:38 (Fb.|FF, Jk.|FF)▴ It’s a blend of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Mountain Jew,” and an attempt at gay Jewish humor. —07:21
▴ I recommend looking up “Mountain Jews” in Wikipedia for more information, but they are a particular group of Persian-speaking Jews of the Caucasus Mountains. I am partly of Mountain Jewish origin on my father’s mother’s side, but I am not averse to other Jews (from the Catskills, for example) adopting the name. —12:08
▴ You can always drink the beverage that rhymes with “Mountain Jew,” but personally I prefer Fresca. —17:32

✡ I am very willing and able to hug and be hugged today. —11 May, 12:59 (BJWU on Fb.1, Fb.)

♫ A music video with an Indian theme performed in Russian by a Jewish singer (with a Persian name) featuring African-American–, Indian- and Near Eastern–influenced dance moves as well as a fantastic plot line. This video has it all. Did I mention shirtless men? —14 May, 09:36 (YT2, Fb.|FF)

▴ Elyaqim dreamed he had a second apartment down the hallway, about which he’d apparently forgotten. Stepping into it and looking around, he determined it would be his “love den.” —15 May, 11:27 (Fb.|FF)

❂ If you’re interested, two ’blogs with pictures of attractive mens. —16 May, 13:38 (EMAWL3|FF, Fb.|FF, Jk.|FF)

▴ Elyaqim is excited to have seen the Acne Lions truck again today. It’s like spotting a celebrity. —16 May, 14:59 (EMAWL4|FF, Fb.|FF, Jk.|FF)

▴ Elyaqim is awake early on Sunday and can hear the birds twirping. —17 May, 05:30 (Fb.|FF, Jk.|FF)▴ I heard the beads twirting when I wrote my status (and I still hear them now), and I’m sticking with that story.

▴ Elyaqim wonders why Google doesn’t pay him for coming up with such good suggestions for improving their services. —17 May, 14:41 (EMAWL5|FF, Fb.|FF, Jk.|FF)

1. Event page for “Hug-a-Sephardi Day,” 11 May 2009, created by the group Brown Jews of the World, Unite!, Facebook. The earliest recorded activity on the page was 29 January 2009.
2. “Индийское Диско,” music video, performed by Жасмин (Jasmin), [2005,] reproduced as “Жасмин/Zhasmin,” gucio21 channel of YouTube, 1 June 2007. The video credits И. Постоев and И[горь] Логинов with composing the music and Л. Постоева with writing the lyric. The recording includes phrases from Bappi Lahiri’s 1982 song “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy aaja” from the film Disco Dancer, which in turn is essentially a Hindi version of the 1980 song “You’re OK,” a.k.a. “T’es OK, t’es bath, t’es in,” by Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde, originally recorded by Ottawan.
3. Elyaqim Mosheh Adam, “My Kind of Objectification,” Elyaqim Mosheh Adam’s Web Log • רשומון אליקים משה אדם‎, 16 May 2009.
4. Elyaqim Mosheh Adam, “The Acne Lions Truck,” Elyaqim Mosheh Adam’s Web Log • רשומון אליקים משה אדם‎, 17 January 2009.
5. Elyaqim Mosheh Adam, “My Google Service Wish List,” Elyaqim Mosheh Adam’s Web Log • רשומון אליקים משה אדם‎, 17 May 2009.

A version of this article is reproduced at webcitation.org/5hKu1o2Mx.

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