19 May 2009

From Facebook Wall to Surface Web, April 2009.

 Compiled below are my writings (excluding comments) on my own Facebook wall in April 2009, as well as anything else that might be construed as an example of micro-blogging.

▴ Brutal as it was, Saddam Hussein’s régime was at least secular. —1 April, 15:39 (UKGN, Fb.|FF)
▴ Elyaqim has never been there but thinks the view must be stunning if it’s called “the Eyeful Tower.” —1 April, 15:41. (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Elyaqim is greatly relieved the supermarket cashier on whom he has a crush had been on vacation rather than gone forever. Now bag my groceries! —3 April, 20:56 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ When religious people determine public mores, critical thinking goes out the window and gays die. Saddam Hussein’s régime was secular; then the US occupied ‘Iraq, and zealots gained control. —4 April, 23:23 (Reuters, Fb.|FF)
▴ After a rather intense argument among four gay men in a Jackson Heights restaurant last night, I offer this link as one of many that illustrate how the current Gay Marriage Machine steamrolls over and discriminates against all sorts of families that don’t fit the “nuclear” model. Nancy D. Polikoff has become one of my heroes. —6 April, 20:20 (LAT, Fb.|FF)
▴ “Six gay men confirmed killed in Iraq” in the past week alone. —7 April, 12:58 (GNZ, Fb.|FF)
▴ Elyaqim loved when his friend Glenn expressed pride in the borough of Queens by referring to one of our supermarkets’ selling “the bounty of the county.” —8 April, 14:10 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Elyaqim reminds all his friends to put blood on their doors tonight to avoid plague. Happy Pesaḥ to every-bloody! חג פסח שׂמח!‏ ‎—8 April, 19:02 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Passover song by the legendary Jo ‘Amar. —8 April, 20:19 (YT, Fb.|FF)
▴ A “Vigil of Remembrance and Solidarity” will occur tomorrow at noon at the UN Mission of ‘Iraq (iraqunmission.org), 14 East 79 Street in New York City, in protest of the anti-gay murders and arrests in Baghdad. —9 April, 18:39 (GWB, Fb.|FF)
▴ Elyaqim just returned home from a trans-folk concert (double entendre intended) in his neighborhood and particularly enjoyed the “dentures”/“oysters” rhyme, the drawing of the “impractical mermaid” and the puppet show that starred a platypus. Don’t you wish you had been there? —10 April, 21:42 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Elyaqim wishes that, in the spirit of sadism/masochism, he had been invited to a seder/massacre this Passover, but alas was not. —11 April, 19:37 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Elyaqim is appalled customers write on the wall of his local Japanese/ Chinese/ Thai restaurant, but one graffito does make for a good status update: “Girl you look good! Like turkey breast and Pepsi.” (If you don’t believe him, he’ll post the photograph.) —12 April, 18:02 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ Sounds like a nice Sunday afternoon, but I have a sneaky suspicion I have a schedule conflict. If only I could remember. —13 April, 22:57 (PGM, Fb.)
▴ Elyaqim went out Friday night in Astoria and met two great guys named Ken and Michael, and then went out Saturday afternoon in Elmhurst and met two great guys named Ken and Michael. —18 April, 18:37 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ I think I would prefer the horses do it than the traffic agents, but I admit it’s a tough call. —20 April, 00:50 (JHL|FF)
▴ I took gobs of pictures. See album number 1 and album number 2. (A Facebook account is not required to view the pictures.) —20 April, 04:43 (JHL|FF)
▴ How did I not know about this 2004 song sooner? Thanks to Avi for posting it. The title of the song (“Keep Your Jesus off My Penis”) reveals the lyric may be a little saucy for work. My favorite lines:
“So you’re screaming bloody murder ’bout the Taliban régime
Subjugating women and being too extreme
And basing legislation on some ancient holy book.
Does that sound a bit familiar? Here’s a mirror. Have a look!” —22 April, 19:44 (YT, Fb.|FF)
▴ What an odd autograph. “I LOVE CHILI! [Signed,] Phyllis Diller.” —23 April, 06:37 (TLL, Fb.|FF)
▴ Elyaqim shopped at the Queens Center Mall for the first time and enjoyed seeing the people far more than the merchandise in any store other than his destination. –24 April, 14:35 (Fb.|FF|FF)
▴ My closest friends know me as someone who doesn’t like children but who loves entertainment for children (so long as it was created by adults). I was still watching children’s télévision in the 1990s as this video shows. I miss Lynne Thigpen. —24 April, 14:48 (YT, Fb.|FF)
▴ Elyaqim heard his friends refer to “matzo pizza” and thought they were talking about the Peruvian city and tourist site. —24 April, 15:02 (Fb.|FF|FF, Jk.|FF)
▴ The musician Kip Attaway has a gay-themed song, “Mahu from Oahu.” (Working at Waikiki Wally’s and Lucky Cheng’s over three years, I learned what “mahu” means.) The song is not flattering, but not truly anti-gay either. (It also has some inaccuracies; it’s not likely a drag queen would use the men’s room.) What do you think? —26 April, 06:06 (K.A. on MS, Fb.|FF)
▴ “[Gays] have been forced to re-think the…notion of what a family is. ‘Through our success in creating different kinds of families, we have shown that groups of people can constitute a family without being heterosexual, biologically related, married, or functioning under a male head-of-household….’ [We] would be better off continuing to expand how family is defined ‘rather than confin[ing] ourselves to marriage.’” —27 April, 23:41 (Phœnix, Fb.|FF)

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