14 March 2004

Lucky Cheng’s/Waikiki Wally’s, Garth’s and Charles’ apartment, Saturday, 13–Sunday, 14 March

Carla’s spreadsheet made my life a trillion times easier. Come 17:45, I couldn’t find the printer’s USB cable without calling Garth, so the night sheet was late anyway, but Jamie actually called the office to compliment my improvements to it and thank me. I met Salt’s new employee, Alejandra’s friend Leandro who teaches Spanish and will work in the office early Fridays. Mel cut his foot and wrapped it in part with duct tape. I stayed at work until maybe between 20:00 and 21:00, going out to get a sandwich and eating in the office with Rich. I chatted and giggled with Garth on the telephone.

I walked to their apartment, they showed me their wonderful new DVD-RW recorder, a gift from Garth’s mother, and we went to some local restaurant. I had just finished my two huge sandwiches, so I ate nothing until I started to get lightheaded, more likely from insufficient sleep than food, so I nibbled some of Charles’ fries. I talked a lot about my trip to Egypt.

We returned to their apartment, ostensibly before going out again, but we never made it out again. We watched some things Garth had recorded from télévision, and Charles commented I had lost weight. Eventually, we were all falling asleep on and off like old ladies, and I left around 05:00, avoiding the late night suspension of ⑤ train service (or is it ② service?).

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