23 November 2003

Queer Asian & Pacific Islander Film Series at Cinema Classics, Manhattan, 23 November

I had a great time watching seven different shorts on queer South Asian and Near Eastern themes, meeting the moviemakers and bumping into people I’d met before. I even unexpectedly saw an old friend in one of the movies (Lisa Winters in Magnetic Attractions, by Hima B.). Plus there were bananas, cake rusk and other snacks. And it was all free for nothing! I hear more are scheduled for next month, and I plan to be there. The event was co-organized by the Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Project of APICHA (Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS) and Sholay Productions (who also organize the soon-weekly Desilicious events). Were you there?

Afterward, I ate with Miss Kelly Webb and Frank at Panna II Indian Restaurant.

Then after that, I met with my friends the playwright, cast and crew of FTM at the Pyramid Club.

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