22 October 2002

Second week in Egypt, Wednesday, 16–Tuesday, 22 October

Wednesday, 16 October, Cairo: (World Food Day and Boss’s Day.)

Thursday, 17 October, Cairo: Train to Aswan.

Friday, 18 October, Aswan: Aswan Station; Hôtel as-Salam; dam; Philae complex; unfinished obelisk; Chief Khalil restaurant; Nubian Museum.

Saturday, 19 October, Aswan, Abu Simbel: (Sweetest Day.) Felucca ride around Elephantine Island; Kitchener’s Island; Abu Simbel; Sami in the souq.

Sunday, 20 October: Aswan, Luxor: Shady Hôtel; East Bank: Luxor, Karnak temples; café with Walid, Ahmad, Mamduh; wandering with them and ‘Ala’.

Monday, 21 October, Luxor: West Bank: Valleys of Kings, Queens; temple of “Hot Chicken Soup”; locked out of room at Shady Hôtel; market/storefront; train to Cairo.

Tuesday, 22 October, Cairo: Khan al-Khalili/Muski: met Blal, ‘Amber store with Dracula, ad-Dahan, met Mustafa and friends with sexually agressive sales pitches.

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