15 March 2001

Visit to Morocco, Friday, 2 February–March

Friday, 2 February, Casablanca, Marrakech: transfer in Casa, Camar brought us to villa.

Saturday, 3 February, Marrakech: Poêle d’Or, Koutoubia Mosque, Dar Si Âïssa etc., souk, met Âli at Belkhadir, scarves, Lune d’Or, Islane.

Sunday, 4 February, Marrakech: Snack Restaurant la Mandarine (Guéliz), souk with Nourdine Fouay, panoramic restaurant.

Monday, 5 February, Marrakech: Piccola Italia, Majorelle Garden, horse-drawn calèche, Bahia Palace, Maison Tiskiwin, haircut, Grand Hôtel Tazi, tea at Belkhadir, pottery broken in two shops.

Wednesday, 7 February, Marrakech: rain, Café Hicham, bumped into man from Dar si Âïssa, Badii, wandering, Djemaa, bookstore, visited Âli and ÂbdoulÂli.

Thursday, 8 February, Marrakech: breakfast at la Strada, looking for someone to call Khaled for us, Djemaâ; Âli called, and I spent time with Khaled, Cherif etc, in Argana; hustlers as guests; Diamant Noir.

Saturday, 10 February, Marrakech: Polly ill; Cherif at door; Strada alone; souk, mirrors, trousers; Lune d’Or, Cherif arrived; found Polly at Djemaa al-Fna.

Monday, 12 February, Marrakech: AM, Âsise’s apartment.

Tuesday, 20 February: Polly left for Spain.

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